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We rely on our experience, expertise, and depth every day, yet we never stop looking for opportunities to learn from others. 

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About Jon

Jon is a seasoned strategist and creative director who works on a range of digital and traditional marketing experiences for both B2C & B2B clients. Jon works with startups, Fortune 500 companies, internal marketing organizations, agencies, and everything in-between.

  • Creative director experience in brand, digital, integrated, and direct response
  • Seasoned strategist working with CEOs, CMOs, agencies, and marketing teams
  • Large network of resources for XXL projects
  • Leadership experience with clients and management teams

Jon graduated with honors from the Academy of Art University with a degree in Advertising in 1995. 


Our Clients


Previous Experience

Jon has worked as Creative Director at the following companies:

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Kind Words


Our Brain Trust and Beyond

Our team is comprised of a talented group of creative thinkers. They are trusted friends, and they are colleagues with whom we've worked for years. This whole “nimble & flexible network thing” has worked really well for us. 



If ever there is a project manager hall-of-fame, Matt will be in it. As our primary client contact, Matt ensures that deadlines are met, emails are responded to, and budgets are diligently monitored. Recently, Matt and his family live in Bend, Oregon - a state where beards are socially acceptable. 


Affectionately known as Johnny B, or JB for short, John is a multi-disciplined and talented designer. He has mastered the art of brand identity, UI design, websites and much more. His passion for design is only equaled by his affection  for his family and a quality multi-hour bike ride. To see more of JB's work visit: johnbukowinski.com


Clear, concise, credible and some would say, stylish, Keven Smith writes with the deftness and cleverness that B2B clients love. Keven has penned his proficiency for a plethora of Fortune 500 clients and is a twelfth-degree black belt in lead generation copywriting. He is also a classically trained musician and proud papa.


Combine a positive attitude, boundless enthusiasm, and a savvy design eye and you have the talented Regina Schachter. Her work has been featured in retailer outlets like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and The Guildery. In fact, there's a chance that one her designs is in your cupboard right now. doodlesinkdesigns.com


Previous clients with various agencies 1995 – 2013

Since 1995 Jon has worked with a wide range of clients through multiple agencies.